Waboba Led Flyer

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارWaboba Led Flyer✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

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  • Toy & Games
  • Red Led Light Stays Lit For 10 Seconds
  • Light Projects Flame Pattern
  • Soft Rubber Shuttlecock
  • Made To Be Hit With Hands Knees & Feet

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العلامة التجارية الفرعية Planes
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Play after dark with the LED Flyer! With its new shuttlecock the Flyer lights up to a fiery red on impact. Hit it! Kick it! Smack it! Keep it off the ground for as long as you can.

Brand Introduction:

Waboba is an international outdoor toy and sporting goods brand headquartered in Stockholm Sweden. Waboba products are made with durable and high-quality materials and many of its products are internationally patented. Waboba”s mission is “Keep Life Fun” by creating unique and fun products that change the playing way.

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Very pleased with this purchase! Thank you.

One of the feathers broke on the second go. However it does light up and it did keep two socially distanced kids entertained for a while.

Michelle Evers5.0:
Good fun in a small package can play with alone or in a group. Versatile. All the fun of badminton without all the faff

Mr R Symonds4.0:
Once you get the hang of this it’s good maybe better with bats

steven e.5.0:
Great fun good exercise




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