GEOX U NEBULA B men’s Men Sneakers

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These last me about 1.5 years (to 2 years) as the only shoes I wear. I liked my first pair so much that I bought several more. They are very comfortable. They need a little breaking in at first but that doesn’t take long. The breathable system is great. My feet get hot but not a problem with these. I would say they are water resistant at first but that is the first thing to fail. So if you step in a puddle in the first several months you likely won’t get wet but that isn’t the case later on. The holes in the bottom can be annoying for getting rocks stuck in there or mud. These hold up over time and look fairly good. They are easy to put on and take off and have a good shape for my feet. If your feet get hot they are the best solution I have found. If this isn’t your problem then they are great shoes with a few trade-offs. Someone on here complained about them being stiff for a 10 mile walk in London but I expect they weren’t broken in yet. These shoes are a great example of how you can spend a bit more to get something that lasts.

The Bear Facts5.0:
Shoes are a very personal subjective thing – I first found Geox shoes in an airport in Portugal in 2018 and discovered a comfortable flexible slightly unusual design that fit perfectly and I wore to the point they fell apart after three years. Buying a new pair in 2022 the quality fit and finish has not suffered – they look smart (in my opinion) and are so much more comfortable than many ‘formal’ shoes great to drive in and comfortable for prolonged wear.Fit is still absolutely perfect too. If you find trainers too narrow Docs too inflexible and other shoes too sharp-edged around the ankle do give Geox a go.

I bought these to replace my old worn-out Nebulas and the difference was immediately obvious. My feet became very hot within 20 minutes of putting them on wet socks sticking to the insole most unpleasant. It felt as if I was wearing rubber boots on a sunny day.There was no usual Geox leaflets and booklets in the box just a simple paper tag. And what that “B” in the name stands for ?These are either defective in some way or outright counterfeit. Avoid.

I went for these particular style of trainers due to the elastic slip-on design. Providing you get the correct fit the elastic style works well requiring little effort to put them on yet has a nice snug fit so no need to worry about them falling off.Overall these have a nice style comfortable to wear and are available for a reasonable price.

Shoes are good quality and look smart so if they are solely for show they are perfect for you. I made a mistake and wrote them on a ten mile pavement walk around Central London. The insoles are too hard and made my feet extremely sore most of my other practical shoes would have convered this distance with ease with no discomfort.




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